EP 06 | Upcoming ‘The Matrix’ Sequel Isn’t A Reboot [ TOP 8 ]

We discuss the announced ‘The Matrix’ sequel and the new trailer for Edgar Wright‘s new film ‘Baby Driver‘.


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TOP 8 of the Week:

  1. Upcoming ‘The Matrix‘ Sequel Isn’t A Reboot Says Writer Zak Penn.
  2. Trailer released for Edgar Wright’s new film ‘Baby Driver’.
  3. New trailer released for ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’.
  4. Sony announces a new ‘Venom’ standalone film.
  5. DC circling Matthew Vaughn to direct ‘Man of Steel 2’.
  6. Ridley Scott thinks that ‘Gladiator 2’ could happen.
  7. New ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ sequel announced with no David Fincher.
  8. New ‘Wonder Woman’ trailer released by Warner Bros.

Music by Shawn Mayer, Mammoth Music Productions.