Podcast: Wonder Woman Hits 200 Million Worldwide!

Wonder Woman is out and damn is she off to a terrific start!

In Top 8 Movie News we talk about the 8 biggest stories that dropped this week in the world of movies – this episode we discuss Wonder Woman’s massive opening and global love that the film has been receiving,  we chat about the new Edger Wright’s Baby Driver trailer and also an interesting story about diehard Harry Potter fans who also happen to be amazing filmmakers!

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This week’s Top 8:

1. Wonder Woman opens worldwide to $200 million + on opening weekend.

2. 3rd Trailer For Edger Wright’s Baby Driver.

3. Voldermort prequel fan-made series green-lit by Warner Bros.

4. Spider-Man 3 Editor’s Cut accidentally released early by Amazon.

5. District 9 director Neill Blomkamp to debut sci-fi short on Steam.

6. Thomas Middleditch joins cast for Godzilla sequel.

7. Trailer for Logan Lucky By Steven Soderberg.

8. Power Rangers 2 may happen thanks to toy sales!