‘Black Panther’ highest rated superhero film on Rotten Tomatoes!

Black Panther is seriously making waves!

This week the TPSB crew discuss the public and critic reception to the MCU’s latest entry along with the Incredibles 2 trailer plus all the movie news that dropped this week.

This week’s news:

– Black Panther is currently the highest-rated superhero film of all-time on RT.
– Chris Columbus has signed on to write, direct, and produce Blumhouse’s Five Nights At Freddy’s adaptation.
– Michael Fassbender to star in Kung Fury feature-length film.
– Marvel offered to sell Sony Pictures the movie rights to all of their characters in 1998 for $25 million, but the studio only wanted Spider-Man, for which they paid $10 million.
– Shane Black’s The Predator moves from August 3rd to September 18th.

Trailer Time:

– Incredibles II
– Ready Player One
– Rampage

George’s Star Wars Corner:

– ‘Star Wars: Episode 9’ Hires ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Art Director Paul Inglis.
– Lucasfilm looking to move from EA as official Star Wars games developer.
– Jon Favreau voicing CG monkey/alien on Solo a Star Wars story.

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