10 Questions After Watching ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

There are so many things to discuss in this movie!

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It’s quite hard to believe that after 10 years of build Infinity War is finally out. The end product is an extremely dense film that demands multiple viewings to fully get all the details and layering and now that we’ve seen the film and had a bit of time to think about it, we wanted to talk more about some unanswered questions from the film. We took 10 questions from the comments section of our spoiler review on YouTube and George, Kieran and Benny answered them. Thanks to all those who asked a question!

Please note: This is a full spoiler podcast.

10 Questions After ‘Avengers: Infinity War’:

1. Do you think Spider-Man is really dead? I’m actually really scared… like really scared – charlotte carpio
2. So I’ve watched like 5 spolier reviews, and no one has really mentioned Valkyrie, is she dead or what? I was watching the movie like what, where is she lol – Ro-Mitch
3. Why didnt Thor use his god powers against Thanos at the very beginning? The movie stars IMMEDIATELY after Ragnarok. He just had the revelation that he doesnt need his hammer. He knows outright that he is MORE powerful than Hulk. So why is Hulk the one you send in to save you from Thanos at the beginning?! Also, I’m assuming Valkyrie, Korg and all them are also dead? – Grey Fox
4. When they almost got the Infinity Gauntlet off of Thanos, and then came Star-Lord… WHY!?!? – KingsDomicile
5. Destruction of Xander could be shown in Captain Marvel?? – Gabriel Atienza
6. How in the Infinity did Thanos knew Stark??? – Sir Ivn
7. What are the chances most of Infinity war did not actually take place? I feel like “part 2” is going to start just after Strange views the future. I am thinking back to the beginning of the movie when Tony and Pepper are talking and Tony is talking about dreams that feel real, then you wake up… Or I am just reading into it too much. God I hate that the next one is just over a year away. – Jo Ta
8. I was a bit disappointed that not one of the main heroes gets killed by Thanos and the Black Order were killed too easily. For the life of me….how on earth does Black Widow continue to live through these movies? She has no special abilities….no armor but yet she’s going toe to toe with this alien chick. Why couldn’t she be one of those who died as a result of the gauntlet? – Rajab Croswell
9. You guys are sold on Time travel but… What if they bring the Living Tribunal into play. idk much about him specifically but could he possibly reverse what happened? – Freshwitdaposites18
10. wait.. where is jeremy renner and the ant-man? – Caroline Velenthio